I went through the minutes. I'm afraid how long the wiki page will be able to handle the list of available videos. It doesn't seem scalable, and manually keeping it up to date is going to be quite a task. Nitesh, and ideas?

There are quite a few videos on archive.org too, if you'd like to incorporate them[1]. Looks like archive.org keeps quite a bit of Fedora related stuff.

Would anyone be interested in creating a release pamphlet/brochure for this release? Ian had made one quite a few releases ago I think and we haven't done it since. It's a single paged, double-sided print of what this release is about. Works great for ambassadors and as flyers etc. in general? I'll try and work on it, maybe have something up in a fortnight.

I should've probably brought this up before the meeting. Sorry.

[1] http://archive.org/search.php?query=fedora

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"