On 6/16/07, Thomas Chung <tchung@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
On 6/15/07, Anand Capur <anandcomputerphreak@gmail.com> wrote:
> ok, lets do a combination of both. We can have writers write articles to
> fill empty space, we'll take articles from FWN (as bulk of mag), add guides,
> columns, etc... How about we intervew Thomas Chung? He seems like he does
> ALOT for fedora! So, whoever wants to be on the "core" magazine team please
> email me at (acapur[at}arcnetworks{dot]biz). We'll get this
> "party" started!!!

I'm sorry but I'm *extremely* busy at work right now so I won't be
available for interview.
Thank you for your enthusiasm but I would suggest to focus on getting
enough volunteers before you go forward.


Talking about the magazine... lemme be one among the first volunteers out here... i would like to give you the amount of webspace you ask for!!

Santosh Kumar

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