On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 8:04 AM, Robert 'Bob' Jensen <bob@fedoraunity.org> wrote:

I feel we have an obligation to correct inaccuracies if we truly care about the Fedora product and/or Fedora Project. If we do not speak the truth the lies themselves become truths in the minds of many. I personally care about the Fedora product more so than gaining 'new consumers' from the Windows market. Retaining our current consumers/contributors is more important than courting new consumers for me. If they come they come willingly the best we can do is put the truth out there and let them decide. We are going to gain new consumers even if they are temporary, provided the correct information is published for them to even take a look.

Bob is right. We have an obligation to correct inaccuracies in the media. What's astounding about this is the article, from established ZDNet bloggers whose "beat" is Linux and Open Source, is completely inaccurate. It speaks to several issues, but primarily this: How do two established Net writers who cover Linux and Open Source NOT know the release cycles of major distros? What's more -- and it's a stretch, but still arguable -- what's to say Microsoft didn't plan its release of Windows 7 to blunt that of Ubuntu 9.10 (and Fedora 12 for that matter)?

Providing accurate information is the media's job. Correcting them when they're wrong is ours.

Larry Cafiero