Let it ROAR

Heart of a Lion

THIS IS FEDORA! (cheesy I know)

These are probably stupid slogans though I gave it a shot. I'll think of more later.


On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Paul W. Frields <> wrote:
Hi Marketeers,

There is still some time left before a final slogan is required for
the Fedora release web site.  (Currently we use the slogan "Fire it
up" from the Fedora 10 release.)

However, during the intervening period since we collected slogans, the
artwork for Fedora 11 has changed significantly, dropping virtually
all of the design elements on which we based our slogan guidance.
This is not a negative comment; in fact, I really like the new
artwork, which is quite different from the earlier versions that I
liked as well.  You might think I'm easy to please, but there are
plenty of people who know me that will tell you otherwise! ;-)  I
prefer to think that our Artwork team just does consistently great

Now the artwork features a lion (which is appropriate given the
etymology of the F11 release name, "Leonidas").  Since we try to tie
the slogan to the artwork, I've come up with some candidates.  I would
like to open the door for 48 hours for more suggestions.  At the end
of the process, I'll look at the total list and pick from it.

I've updated the wiki and invite you to put in suggestions.  *Please*
look at the ground rules and try your best to stick to them.  If you
think your previous slogan should be considered, feel free to just
copy it to the new table.

I'll look at the results on Saturday night or Sunday and touch base
with the list with some thoughts.  Thanks everyone!

Paul W. Frields                      
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