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On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 12:05 AM, Ankur Sinha <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

A while back I'd written to the ambassadors list to collect some
feedback on what marketing collateral would be most useful on a per
release basis for use at events and so on. The information gathered is
summarised here:

The idea is to decide on a set of collateral that can be used at events
and at the same time generated every release without burdening any team
too much - so that they can continue working on other release critical

Here's what I've come up with. I'd like to collect some feedback from
the marketing team first, and then the design team, after which I can
present the plan to the ambassadors.


== Target audience ==

1. Level 1 - Non Fedora users:
This set of users do not use Fedora yet. They are not aware of the
products that Fedora offers - editions + spins + labs. They may also
not be aware of the free software philosophy, the foundations and so

2. Level 2 - Fedora end users:
Fedora users that are not developers and admins. They care about what
Fedora offers, but are not very interested in the lower level details
on what changes a release brings and so on. They are concerned about
higher level changes, such as changes to desktops, new tools, better
upgrades, quicker boots and so on.

3. Level 3 - Advanced Fedora users:
Fedora users that are developers, upstreams, system admins, and so on.
They care about lower level changes - what's changed in systemd,
yum/dnf and so on.

== Collateral ==

1. Timeless Fedora flyer:

This flyer would have a short summary of the different products Fedora
offers - the three editions + labs + spins. It would also contain a
summary of the Fedora mission statement - foundations, commitment to
free software and so on.

The target audience of this flyer is level 1.

The current implementation idea is to request the design team to
provide a design using scribus and I can follow that up with a scribus
script that can populate the flyer from text provided in simple text
files. This method will also ensure that we can have translations for
the text making the flyer available to a wider audience. The marketing
team can maintain a repository of translations and so on too.

2. Release details flyer or one page release notes:

The target audience for this is mainly levels 2 and 3.

This flyer/print will be about the newest release. It'll contain
important changes - both high and low level. This will also aid
ambassadors and community members. It'll pick up stuff from here:

I think a two sided "one page release notes" would be better than a
flyer - it'll contain more info.

3. Goodies - pens, bracelets, shirts, stickers, badges, case badges and
so on:

This can be used by all levels of the target audience.

I think event owners can decide what they'd like at the event and
produce them. This doesn't require any work from other teams unless
something needs to be updated and so on.


Work wise, it's not too much extra. We already do release notes and the
flyers can come from there. The docs team also does beats and changes,
so we can use stuff from there too.

So, what do you think? :)
Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

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