Hi, my name is Liu Zixi, and my Fas user name is "jetsaman". I often live in Liaoning, China and study here, but I often travel to Beijing during holidays. My IRC user name is jetsaman, although I'm exploring this im tool that doesn't work in China

I learned about the huge community of Fedora through my friend "mengjuntezhangui" on the Internet. We are all users of Fedora for a long time . I have always been very interested in the marketing project of Fedora, but now I decide to officially join it.

To be honest, as a student, I don't have much experience in software development, but my future employment expectation has a lot to do with news report or writing, organization marketing, so I choose to join Fedora marketing project to make contribution.

I once worked as an editor in oschina ("开源中国" in Chinese, a well-known open source community in China), contributing dozens of articles on the comparison, introduction or recommendation of different open source software;

I also maintain my blog independently, and use my spare time to upload some articles about software recommendation and simple technology teaching;

In addition, I have participated in some not very well-known projects, but it is not worth mentioning here

Marketing skills:

1 - writing marketing advertisements that are easy to understand and suitable for my peers (students or university graduates who are slightly older than me) is one of my greatest strengths.

2 - writing wiki, I have led the editing of many pages of Wikipedia (although most of them are about current affairs)

3 - learn about the local (China) situation. Since I have been a full member of many domestic software communities and enthusiasts' forums, I know the domestic software platforms and large-scale forums very well

Other skills:

1 - basic understanding of the operating system, although not very professional, but as a long-term user of Fedora, I really have to understand the principles of Fedora and even Linux.

2 - coordination and management. Although it seems that this has little to do with marketing, I would like to mention that now I am the manager of Baidu tieba (a substitute for discord in China) Fedora bar, which has about 17000 followers and 115000 posts.

I'd also like to learn:

1 - from an international perspective, I want to know some marketing habits outside China as my future reserves.

2 - English communication skills, English is not my professional direction, but I think participating in marketing in Fedora can greatly improve my English ability.

3 - learning from team work experience

What I expect from Fedora and myself:

For Fedora: build a mature community of Fedora in China (I can't think I can build a mature community in a short time, but this is really an important direction, because many Fedora simplified Chinese communities are finally dissolved due to lack of vitality, so that many people can only discuss in QQ or wechat groups)

For myself: achieve the goals above :-)

In addition: maybe you will be confused about the words and grammar of this article, but English is not my native language, so I apologize to you, for letting you read such a non smooth self introduction.