Hello Liu Zixim

As Benson suggests, your skillset sounds like a great asset for the Fedora Magazine. You should check the workflow [1] and try to get involved there.

Thanks for coming and offering your help!

[1] https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-magazine/workflow-article-proposal/

El mar, 23 feb 2021 a las 8:34, Benson Muite (<benson_muite@emailplus.org>) escribió:
Welcome Liu Zixi (劉仔细 - hope tones are correct). Looking forward to
your contributions. You might consider writing an article on use of
Fedora in China - most of the articles at present are for English
speaking audience, but this may be an opportunity to practice your
writing. Setting up social media applications such as QQ, Wechat may be
of interest to Fedora users. An overview of Open source software in
China would also be great. See
and in particular
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