-1 for mascot 

well the <https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/2/22/Artwork_Mascot_bear_mascot_standing.png> is simple and good

2010/5/19 Luke Slater <tinmachin3@gmail.com>
Hey everyone,

Should we have a think about Fedora maybe getting an animal mascot? We
have a great logo at the moment but I think people can relate more to
animals and it might give the project a more friendly feel? This kind
of thing has proven successful for a certain kernel as well as
distributions such as SuSE. Not to say we should just be copying the
other distributions ideas but I think they are onto something there.

We could have Sean the turtle. Why? Because I have a turtle named Sean
(http://i47.tinypic.com/r1bgj8.jpg) and I think someone could make a
nice SVG logo out of a turtle; plus, they would make good cuddly toys
which is good for merchandise. There has been some support for the
idea already when I asked in the Fedora group on Identica earlier.

I just thought I would mention it, what do you think?

Thanks a lot,

Luke Slater