What do you guys think of putting a team together and making a Fedora Online Magazine? I would head it (Be the editor-in-chief), and we would publish it every 2 months (with some other special releases). I really think this would be good for us. We would have no costs besides hosting for the magazine which I think the web team could take care of (I'll ask them also). We could have a set few staff (5-10), and then have open submission where all the members of the community can send in articles, and the staff would pick the best to go in. I'd license the magazine under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (or something else?) the point is it wouldn't be copyrighted (or it can be... but i'd prefer it to be open). We could arrange to get it printed in the future and take advertisements from people in the community. No stupid ads for some buy this coffee maker today..unless the coffee maker runs fedora;). So yeah, I just wanna get approval, and see how it goes. If you wanna be on the staff and you are a good writer (duh....) just email me (acapur{At]arcnetworks[dot}biz). It could really market fedora, get us more users, and teach our users new things. I really wanna do this, I've got some really good ideas!!
P.S. I've BCC'ed this to the Ambassadors list.
Anand Capur
(Fedora Ambassador)