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Marketing Mix

In order to achieve our marketing objectives we need to have a strategy that includes different elements - the various parts of the marketing mix. Calling it a mix reminds you to try and get the balance right between the different elements. It is easy to assume that one part of the mix is wrong, when in fact it is another.

Identified the four P's of the marketing mix:

There are two ways to impress bluffers.

We can extend the number of P's - the two which are usually seen as useful additions for services (including information services) are:

 Communication Mix

The communication mix blends together several different elements to create the overall strategy for marketing communications. The elements of this mix may include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity. They can use categories to personal selling and non-personal selling.

The strategies for communication mix are:


Advertising is paid non-personal communication through various media by organizations that are in some way identified in the advertising message and who hope to inform and/or persuade members of a particular audience.

When deciding how advertising fits into the communication mix, marketers consider such issues as budgets and which media to use.


This is a non-paid for communication of information about the company or product, generally in some media form. Publicity can come in news, stories, reviews, broadcasts e.t.c.

The downside of publicity is that the marketer has little or no control over what is said and also there is no way to target an audience.

The public may favor the product since they know that the marketer is not controlling the story thus it's likely to be true.

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