Big thanks to everyone who joined us today. I hope to keep seeing you (and everyone who wasn't able to make it today!) at more meetings.

General summary:

- bogomil is going to be organizing a team for the "I am 18" campaign. Keep an eye out for an email from him about it.

- graphite6 (Sarah) and I will be trying to track down current owners of Fedora social media accounts and organizing a team to put some life into that.

- jreznik and graphite6 will be working on the SOPs. If you'd like to participate, please do. There are many in this list that haven't actually been written:

- Many of us will be working on creating some new brochures specific to languages for use at events where they're appropriate. If you're interested in participating, please send a message to the list with what language you'd like to work on content for. We're aiming to have a first draft of content for them by December 14.


Minutes (text):