2008/4/29 brendon <btoogood@slingshot.co.nz>:
Hey there guys, what is the update or ideas that people have for
marketing the latest fedora version 9.
by the looks of the screenshots it is going to be big but how big and
how can we get it out there to the public?

I am open to ideas
I am think that the first step is create a section called "Spread Fedora" in http://fedoraproject.org. In that section include wallpapers, screensavers, banners or images to include on peopleīs blog or WebSite (like the Fedora Counter).
I donīt know if is posible sell shirts and sticker and things like that... (a little store on line). I think is a good way to do marketong to Fedora. Obviously, everything based on Fedoraīs 9 theme...