On 27 August 2014 04:31, Zacharias Mitzelos <zacharias.mitzelos@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everyone,

We had a Marketing meeting today in #fedora-meeting. Only 3 people attended, mailga, MarkDude and me.

A. Will be very helpful it we can sent reminder email one day advance. We are following same things for Fedora-i18n meeting and it works nice, since sometime we even cancel meeting as well ;)
B. Time 20:00UTC is very difficult for people from APAC to attend. Can we have something in between 15:00 to 18:00 UTC?


2)We also discussed the option of having bi-weekly (for now) marketing meetings again, and as the F21 release is approaching, we could organize weekly meetings. That will help us be more organized, knowing what needs to be done until the launch. Any objections?

Looks perfect.

Pravin Satpute