As promised, I have drafted a marketing brief* about Fedora Java. "Fedora Java" is about making Fedora the preferred environment of choice for Java and JVM platform development.

Here's the TL;DR:

* Java is one of the most popular languages (#2 @ Tiobe Index, #5 @ github, #1 @ sourceforge)
* ~ 8 million Java developers
* JVM supports many other languages, which means even more developers
* < 1% of these developers use Fedora
* Fedora Java SIG has made creating Java packages easy, consistent w/ packaging guidelines
* Fedora has the latest and most popular stuff on the JVM platform, including Java 7 (OpenJDK), Eclipse 4.2, Maven 3, JBoss AS 7, Tomcat 7 and JBoss Tools
* A Fedora Java Spin is in the works (currently a Fedora Remix)
* Fedora should be the operating system of choice for JVM platform developers!

There have been huge strides made recently in the Fedora Java story, as I cover in the brief. That's why I think this is a good storyline to pursue when marketing Fedora 18. I think it can help attract a lot of developers to Fedora and in return, those developers will hit the ground running with this comprehensive development stack.


* or what I think is a marketing brief :)

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