I want to do it, because I think Fedora needs a dedicated magazine. I also want experience running an online magazine (I think it would be easier than a print one). I don't have a lot to say, but I am a very good editor and can write good stories when I have an interest (I couldn't write one about the dog next door). Fedora News would be our jumping off point, we would get the bulk of the content from there. Sure, we can work in conjunction with RHM (What do you exactly mean by this though?). Thomas can help, but in conjunction wouldn't work out as he says he is very busy (I can understand that!). There are localized fedora magazines, but this would be the "official" one. Having it as a peer of FWN, but still separate is exactly what I wanted, just wasn't sure how to put it. I'd prefer it to have its own mailing list, so I could get one from fedora-magazine@redhat.com, or create one on the domain I buy.