Hello Biraj,

Nice to see an engineering students with the Marketing and welcome to the team. As an engineer I could assure you that we are the best for marketing :) , so you are at the right place.

As Suresh noted you can find all info at the marketing wiki page[1] about how and what to do as a marketing team member.
As you have mentioned magazines are a good place beside I think it is geed to use social network to spread the fedora OS and the project as well. I prefer spreading the fedora project among other university students. May be you can educate your Computer Engineering students about Fedora protect and ask them to join with the project.

Please refer the wiki and if you need further help lease ask. Looking forward to work with you.

[1]  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing 
My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing ...

Marketing skills:
 I have to look "Marketing" up on Wikipedia, actually... I am an
engineering student.

Other skills:
 I keep/make pages good-lookin', spam-free, well-linked.
 I have learnt C and BASIC,python, PHP, SQL,during my schooldays.

I'd also like to learn about many linux magazine.

When I'm not working on Fedora, I am studying at college.

I am wondering about what has been done in Marketing in the past.

Please help me get started!

Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera(bckurera)
Fedora Ambassador Sri Lanka
Event Liaison - Design Team

Emailbckurera@fedoraproject.org | IRC: bckurera