Dear Ankur,

Is there any news on the time slit on which this IRC meeting will take place? Thanks for the organization!


On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:48 AM, Ankur Sinha <> wrote:
On Mon, 2013-08-26 at 22:29 +1000, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> I've added a few more slots. Please see if they suit you. It's
> slightly
> difficult to schedule meetings when you're working at a global
> community
> like Fedora ;)
> > Have we already got an agenda?
> The main goal is to decide if we can have some kind of live media to
> give out to "testers".
> Here's an agenda I've quickly put together. Feel free to improve it:
> 1. Currently packaged software
> 2. Pending software
> 2a. Software in the review list
> 2b. Software not yet packaged at all
> 3. Software to be included in the Fedora Medical Spin
> 3a. Details like what desktop should it be based on (default package
> set)
> 3b. Do we have some folks who can work on making an unofficial spin
> for
> the time being? (until we make it an official spin)
> 4. Do we have any users we can give this media out too for feedback?
> 5. Do we need to maintain documentation on how this software is to be
> used? Fedora docs? Wiki pages?
> 6. Who's working on what?
> 7. Any new folks who'd like to join in and help out!

Currently, slots on Tuesday, September 3 seem to be the best. If we
don't get any more entries by Sunday, September 1, we'll pick one of
these slots. If you know others who are working with the SIG, but aren't
on the list, please pass the link on to them (we only have 4 folks at
the meeting currently, but Mario said there are more folks involved).
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)

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