Hi Mario,

Yes, usually here at Hungary, I really miss one lightweight computer, that would be usable not only for direct communication, else maybe for quick analyses as tons of stuff can be plugged to USB. I would like to come closer to this problem to have an distribution, softwares that provides a tiny lab (EKG, EEG, carbon monoxide sensors, and many more) for emergency units to their field kit, and gives direct contact to doctors, or other specialists. With that, I think possibly we can replace with open source based softwares 4-5 or more devices with only a single computer.

What do you think, you see any potential in this idea? Can we provide open source alternative?


2013/10/14 Mario Ceresa <mrceresa@gmail.com>
Hi Zoltan,
I'm not sure about your proposal. Do you want to create something useful for emergency units? Which are their requisites?



On 11 October 2013 18:06, Zoltan Hoppar <hopparz@gmail.com> wrote:

I think I have thought an purpose that we can target, and make
something new, and awesome. I would like to turn my search for
softwares, that we can give for many ER car set, as mobile computer.
Like netbooks, or any upcoming stronger ARM development can mean for
us huge advantage, as Fedora Medical can provide an set of softwares
as spin for this purpose.

Guys, do we have set of softwares for a spin that can be useful for ER
paramedic cars - eg. quick diagnostical softwares, USB tools?



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