Hi Ankur! That's a wonderful idea:I'm in for the meeting. I think we are slightly more,say Sebastian who's co-maintaning itk, Sébastien who authored orthanc and at least a couple more. Maybe also Peter, Volker and Orion might be interested, if not in packaging,at least in meeting. A collegue of mine,Sergio, is also interested in starting as a packager. I have limited connection this weekend but next week I'll look into the dates :)

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On Aug 23, 2013 4:18 AM, "Ankur Sinha" <sanjay.ankur@gmail.com> wrote:

I've just updated freemedforms/freediams to the latest version in
F18/F19 and pushed updates. I was wondering if we could have a quick IRC
meeting to discuss the status of the fedora medical project to see where
we stand and what else needs to be done.

I'd personally like to have a liveCD that we could maybe send out to any
medical practitioners we know and let them at least try it out and give
us feedback before we proceed further. (We may not be able to have an
official spin yet, but I can make an unofficial one for testing

I'd also like to use this meeting to try and get more contributors. Only
Mario and me, and maybe a few others currently maintain packages. As a
student, I personally can't really commit fixed time slots to these and
it'll be great to have co-maintainers and other people who can keep the
project running when any of us go MIA.

Would any one have time to attend such a meeting?

I've created a whenisgood meeting manager link here:

Please mark the times that you may be available. I'm slightly busy with
an assessment coming up in mid September, but I can look into adding
more slots if we can't come up with a time.
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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