Dear all,

I have just uploaded a Fedora package for Orthanc 0.6.2 that has been released earlier this week [1] (in the "master" branch [2]).

This release introduces "Orthanc Client". Orthanc Client is a SDK that allows a third-party software to connect to an instance of Orthanc from C++ code using the REST API of Orthanc. This library is built upon libcurl.

I have therefore created 3 new packages: liborthancclient0.6 (the shared library), liborthancclient-devel (the headers), and liborthancclient-doc (Doxygen documentation + sample code). As this is my first packaging of a SDK on Fedora, please could someone help me by reviewing my work to make sure this way of packaging is OK?

The package also fails building on x86_84 architectures [3]. Could you help understand how I can fix this error?

Many thanks in advance!



Sébastien Jodogne