Hi Maria and Mindshare team,

This is awesome news, thank you for pointing your efforts at this. Excited to see what we can do merging efforts across teams. We discussed your email at the Mindshare Committee meeting and we are ready to assist as we are able. 

Thanks for taking it into account!
Notes from the meeting:
- It could be beneficial to have a blog post talking about whatever you decide to work on to attract helpers and keep the community up to date. We are happy to help promote/circulate the post.

I'm planning to put it there. I wanted to have all infrastructure in-place before starting to make any other move.
- It would be useful to connect with Join SIG so they know marketing activity is happening and they can point interested people your way (bt0 might be on this already!)

That's nice! I didn't think about it, but it's a good idea.
- If you are willing, we would like to add something to the "Help Wanted" section of Mindshare Quarterly Report due to publish next week [0], and invite you to add to future reports if desired

Sure! But to put that something there I will need your help. What can I put there?
- Mindshare aims to finalize the various social media guidelines in discussion

That will be useful to have it finished. Matthew asked me [0] if the idea was to have it as a marketing duty, and my first answer is yes, but we need to have those guidelines and also the access to the social media account. I just have YouTube access to publish, and I think that is just what we should need, access to publish,

Sorry that took me so long to answer, but I wanted to do it on my PC and not on my phone.

[0] https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/social-media-plan/35933/3
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