We would like to support the distribution of Fedora and Fedora EPEL, by being registered as an official mirror. Below are the details of our mirror server:

HTTP: http://mirror.rise.ph/fedora/
FTP: ftp://mirror.rise.ph/fedora/

Fedora EPEL
HTTP: http://mirror.rise.ph/fedora-epel/
FTP: ftp://mirror.rise.ph/fedora-epel/

Sync schedule: Every 6 hrs
Bandwidth: 100Mbps CIR, 1Gbps PIR
Connectivity: We currently use Telstra (AS4637) as our transit provider who connects directly to many other Phillipines networks. Within the next couple of months we will also be present at PHOpenIX in Manila, gathering most other ISPs.
Location: Cebu, Philippines
Admins: Dylan Clear, Francis Roda, Marcelito de Guzman
Email contact: noc@rise.ph

Please advise if there is anything above you would like us to change in order to match your policies, or if there are any further details you would like us to provide.

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Francis Roda