We want to become a mirror as Vargonen Teknoloji ve Bilisim Sanayi A.S. We are providing cloud and hosting services in Turkey and we have lots of customers using Epel repositories. Also, in order to contribute fedora we want to create an epel mirror in our infrastructure.


IP Address:

Country: Turkey

Our Dedicated Outbound Bandwith fort mirror Server: 100 Mbit/s (We have available 10Gbit/s, so if we need more, we can increase this bandwith easily.)


Our Account Username: Vargonen

Our Account e-mail address: teknik@vargonen.com


P.S: Could you please give documentation links about server configuration procedures for Epel.





Fehmi Can TOKAY

System Administrator - Sistem Yöneticisi

Vargonen Teknoloji ve Bilişim Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.

Ankara Caddesi No:81 | Bayraklı Tower Kat :19 |Bayraklı | Izmir

ctokay@vargonen.com |  +90 850 660 00 99