Hi There,
Today I am going to tell you how to get more people to give you
their names and email addresses.
Part 2 -  A Simple Strategy to Increase the Responses on Any
Web Page - The Squeeze Page.
Once again remember that your website profits depend on two things:
1.  The number of visitors you get and
2.  How many of those visitors take action and buy something from
you.  It really is that simple!
And you also know every page on your web site exists for a purpose
- and most often that purpose is going to be to get your visitor to
take some kind of action,  whether it's to leave their details and
subscribe to your mailing list, buy something, or even just to click
on a button to go to another page. 

One of the most powerful of methods to get people to leave you
their name and email address is the "squeeze page".
A "squeeze page" is a web-page where you "squeeze" the visitor's
details out of them, usually an email address and their first name.
That allows you to start emailing them so you can build a
relationship and eventually start selling to them.
The ideal squeeze-page has very little on it save the fields for the name
and email address, a "Submit" button and some copy giving them a reason
why they ought to continue.
Your goal is to start a relationship with them and the best way to
start a relationship is by giving them a gift for FREE so begin the
relationship by giving and offer them something useful, informative
and with some perceived value. Other than these minimal fields,
there is nothing else to look at and nowhere else to go.

For an example of a "Squeeze page" have a look at this
An Example Squeeze page

You also should realize you're paying for your traffic. Think about it.
You are paying for hosting, the yearly domain name fee, perhaps you use
AdWords or other pay per click advertising ect.... so one way or another
you are paying for that visits... and every visitor who visits your site without
leaving their details is an opportunity lost, a sale lost and money wasted.
If you want to really get going and make the squeeze page more
powerful than ever is with a video!
Don't be frightened off by this. Technology has advanced to the
point where now it's now cheap and easy to put your own videos on
line for visitors to watch on your squeeze pages.  Even a dedicated
hosting company (i.e. not YouTube, although this service does have
its place), costs just a few pounds a month.
Why video? First it means you don't need to hire a copywriter, or
learn to write your own copy. It's almost counter intuitive, but
you'll find the more natural and less formal your videos are, the
better responses you're going to get. All you need is a minimal
script (don't read from it!) to make sure you get all the points in
- remember AIDA, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
The second reason to use video is it's just so powerful.

You're not only putting your personality into your marketing but
you're also using all the natural talents and abilities every child
is born with to persuade people to do what you want them to do -
your facial expressions, body language and voice intonation all add
up to a very powerful and persuasive message indeed. So give it a
go - it won't take you more than a few hours to set up a squeeze
page WITH video and start testing the results.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It can double your sales!
Next we are going to get down to the nitty gritty because
although you may like the idea of getting the names and email
addresses of people who visit your site, your site still has to
bear the burden of the sale or inquiry!
So is it up to the JOB! Can your web site sell and
really convert?
Next we will find out and I will show you how this can be done.
Best Wishes,

Graham Callingwood
Author of "Make my website Work!"
The Top Page Guru
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