Thanks for your mail.

El 31/10/18 a las 5:33, Adrian Reber escribió:
There are a few problems with the URLs you configured.
For the category 'Fedora Linux' the HTTP and HTTPS URLs are missing
'/linux'. The RSYNC URL is correct.
For the category 'Fedora EPEL', the RSYNC URL is also broken:

$ rsync rsync://
rsync: link_stat "/epel/epel" (in fedora) failed: No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1659) [Receiver=3.1.3]
There also seems to be a problem with your report_mirror setup, because
once report_mirror (maybe as part of quick-fedora-mirror) runs, your
mirror is also marked as not up to date. Just disabled running the
reporting for now and the crawler will correctly scan your mirror.

I tried to configure to report. I configured the following variables:


 this is the output of a run with verbosity 3

Mirror starting: Wed Oct 31 06:55:59 -03 2018
>> Log: Run start: cfg /root/bin/quick-fedora-mirror.conf, tmp /tmp/quick-mirror.QhWuzc0qWs
>> Log: Remote file list download start
Downloading file lists
>> Calling /usr/bin/rsync --timeout=600 -aSH -f R .~tmp~ --stats --delay-updates --out-format=@ %i %10l  %n%L -v --files-from=filelist-transferlist --no-dirs --relative --compress rsync:// .
>> Log: calling /usr/bin/rsync --timeout=600 -aSH -f R .~tmp~ --stats --delay-updates --out-format=@ %i %10l  %n%L -v --files-from=filelist-transferlist --no-dirs --relative --compress rsync:// .
>> Log: rsync call completed succesfully with return 0
>> Log: File list download: 181B received, 119.20B/s
>> Log: Remote file list download: end
>> Log: Processing start
>> Log: No change in file list for fedora-enchilada
No change in file list checksum. Skipping fedora-enchilada.
>> Log: No change in file list for fedora-epel
No change in file list checksum. Skipping fedora-epel.
>> Log: No changes to synchronize
No changed files.
Mirror finished: Wed Oct 31 06:56:03 -03 2018 (0)
>> Log: Run end; exiting 0.

Do you see anything wrong?