Welcome David, to the group.

I am working on machine translations, and presently dependent on GCS, Azure etc for the task. I am in process to develop in house packaged solution for the same.

@other group members: we have been inactive for a while, lets discuss, what all things we have been doing and how we can collaborate among us  ?
Thanks & Regards,
Nitish Sharma
Sr Software Engineer - Customer Platform

On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 5:32 AM David Kirwan <dkirwan@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi all,

My name is David Kirwan, I'm a software engineer in Red Hat based out of Waterford in the South East of Ireland. So far in Red Hat I've worked in releng/ops/devops and more recently now engineering teams.

I think it might be fun to get involved in improving the experience for developers on Fedora! I don't know exactly how I could be useful until I learn more about what kind of work is actually performed in this group, but I'd like to join and learn!



David Kirwan


Red Hat Cloud Services

Communications House

Cork Road, Waterford

dkirwan@redhat.com    T: +(353) 86-8624108     IM: @dkirwan

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