Thank all of you for the quick response.
I'll stick with the KDE Fedora Jam spin.

On Dec 17, 2020 10:05 AM, Keith Smith <> wrote:

Hello Eric;

I'm a long time Linux user (Mint and Fedora Gnome workstation).  I
recently setup Mint with JACK and Audour 6 to record my music using my
new MOTU M4, but experienced latency/buffer under run problems due to
my old PC.
So I'm building a new DAW that's super fast and I want to switch to
Fedora Jam. However, my experience is with Gnome and I'm not keen on
learning a new desktop environment + apps

Question: Why was KDE chosen for this spin and are there any
disadvantages to using a Gnome workstation spin instead and adding the
Fedora Jam packages?

Thanks, Keith (Bayan player)

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