I've been spending a lot of time on the #opensourcemusicians channel talking to Ubuntu Studio users about their kernel and latency times they're getting. Seems like most of them are using g a stock kernel with the preemptive option enabled and they are getting great latency results (2ms)while utilizing the @audio group on their user. I ended up compiling my own low latency kernel and I haven't had any issues with it yet. If this is what we are missing for the spin I'd be happy to maintain packaging for the kernel.  I know ccrma has been behind a few kernel releases.

I saw the instructions for adding the real time patch for a tick less kernel and from what I can tell it wouldn't be hard to get that rolling as well.

I'm not entirely sure what ccrma does differently with their kernels compared to other Linux users, and I'm still a bit of a noob so I could be off base with this, but I would reason that we should be able to just utilize the same settings to archive similar performance enhancements.

I thought I read that ccrma uses a unique scheduler, but if we could get a 2ms latency time without it, the point may be moot.