Masta also suggested updating the kickstart to use livemedia-creator instead of livecd-creator since the latter will become depreciated soon. I just got access to the kickstart git so I'll help with that, and what you suggested Brandon. 

Another thing Brandon brought up, If we're working on changing/reworking the spin, is there a consensus to move to a lighter DE to help with performance? I'm in favor. 

I will say that the spin does help configure jack correctly (outside of adding yourself to the jack users group) which is a benefit to linux newbies. 

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 2:47 AM Ian Malone <> wrote:
On 11 September 2015 at 08:14, Brendan Jones <> wrote:
> Looks like the spin was dropped due to no one paying attention when the
> builds were failing. It also needs to be built and tested by the SIG before
> Feature freeze (which is prior to Alpha release).

I suppose I feel a bit hard done by on that, it was broken by a change
made to the KDE live spin (not something we did), in a round of
renames that also broke the games spin
the results of which apparently weren't checked, then dropped at the
same time as games. Dropping them from the nightly builds wasn't
announced anywhere I'm subscribed to far as I can tell (it's a change
in a releng git, which does not go to the spins list, Adam Williamson
did notice on test@ that the games spin was missing when the alpha
compose was done). And though Jam was broken by the same change, later
removed at the same time, and both were left out of alpha, games has
been brought back and we haven't.

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