I think you have a great and needed project.  I would like to help you any way I
can but don't feel qualified to be a mentor.  I gave a talk at Linuxfest Northwest
about music programming with PlanetCCRMA that was well received, a full room
for a Sunday session, so I believe there is a need for better documentation.

For many of the proposals installing PlanetCCRMA and their online pages are
the answer.  Personally what I think is missing is an explanation of how to get
started with the music programming environments like most of the programs
listed on the Linux Audio Wiki:

But you have a pretty good proposal that would fill a summer with work.  If you
have drafts that you would like someone to read through or test let me know. 
I hope someone more qualified than myself will come forward as a mentor. 
Maybe you could get an announcement on Planet Linux Musician.

Jeff Sandys

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Christopher Antila <> wrote:

Last week, I sent an introductory message, about the Fedora Summer
Coding project that I'm proposing.  The proposal is almost finished (see
it online at,
but some serious work remains.

The most important part still remaining is that I need a mentor!  I
would really like to have somebody from Fedora and Planet CCRMA, because
of the opportunities it would allow.  This co-mentoring possibility has
been approved in principal by the Fedora Summer Coding SIG, and they
also recommend it for this particular proposal.


Christopher Antila.