IIRC A large part of the decision was based around the use of Pulse Audio vs ALSA and conflicts around JACK audio service. We looked at Cinamon and LXDE as well, but the consensus was that KDE was performing better overall (even though it was more taxing on the system) 

On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 10:05 AM Keith Smith <ksmith13@cox.net> wrote:
Hello Eric;

I'm a long time Linux user (Mint and Fedora Gnome workstation).  I
recently setup Mint with JACK and Audour 6 to record my music using my
new MOTU M4, but experienced latency/buffer under run problems due to
my old PC.
So I'm building a new DAW that's super fast and I want to switch to
Fedora Jam. However, my experience is with Gnome and I'm not keen on
learning a new desktop environment + apps

Question: Why was KDE chosen for this spin and are there any
disadvantages to using a Gnome workstation spin instead and adding the
Fedora Jam packages?

Thanks, Keith (Bayan player)

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