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Op wo 7 dec. 2016 om 21:46 schreef Piotr Popieluch <piotr1212@gmail.com>:

Op wo 7 dec. 2016 10:02 schreef Christopher <ctubbsii@fedoraproject.org>:
Is there an alternative or workaround for packages which require this fix? There's a potential XSS vulnerability in jquery I'd like to patch... but can't if I can't get a successful build. If the fix cannot be backported to F24, can grunt be downgraded to the last working version in F24?

I think the issue was that grunt was not compatible with the updated lodash. Updating grunt makes more sense than downgrading lodash.

Following packages need to be updated:

Some more packages needed updates. I think I got everything built and created all needed buildroot overrides.

js-jquery1 scratch build succeeds now, please check if you can build the update now:

Sorry for late reply. Yes, it works, but something is wrong in bodhi and I can't see karma and comments section to grant karma.

+1 big thanks.