As i'm new to packaging, specificly to linux, i am a little confused at this moment.
I have my scripts (kind of framework, but for any enduser they are just tools) which i'd like to be shiped with Fedora, however, until now i was thinking like:
My Package = Additional Software = /usr/share/%name.

Now that i had opened a Review Request (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=835089), someone asked my whe i didnt pack my scripts into /usr/bin.
Allthought i like this idea, i do not feel that this would be 'clean', as my script tools base upon a directory structure, while there are no directories in /usr/bin.

From the same person i was told that /etc/profile.d/%name.sh would not be a good solution as it wont work with csh, zsh, with which i agree, but couldnt think of a better solution until now.

All above here is the actual question
Now the idea came up to place the 'base-script' (st) in /usr/bin, while everything else would be in a folder somewhere. However, this has a hughe drawback, as it (the script tools) wont work in this mixed up (split away) environment.
Until now, one could have been sure, that in any case if i move the directory the scripts tools are in, anywhere else, one could just execute the main script and everything kept working.
This was achieved by symlinking the actualy path to /usr/share/%name, of course only if it wasnt installed there using rpm/yum (default).

Now after all this crapy text (its past midnight here), according to the feedback (very little) i have recieved so far,
i do need feedback/info, from someone capable handling complex bash script structures across folders, using other scripts are libraries, offering the users to write their own libs and scripts.
Further, it takes some use of 'configuration' files, uses some sort of templates and lots of other stuff.

It is NOT an easy task, to review, or to understand how it works, or to actualy give any kind of advice.
I do know and understand this, thus i would appreciate any usefull feedback even more for the very same reason.

For more info about this package, please have a look at http://sea.hostingsociety.com/?p=Script-Tools&stc= many, but not all, things are explained there, or at least try to be there.
Have i mentioned, i lack of feedback/questions so i could not write the readme appropriate to the 'demand' of explanation.

Where would be the proper place to put/package my script tools to?

Thank you in advance for any hints, advices, questions or suggestions.
Kind regards

Simon A. Erat (sea)
FAS: sea
IRC: seasc