Hi list,

I am seeking some advice on the correct way to drop a patch that changes the name of the default configuration file for monit.

In Fedora, we carry a patch for monit that changes upstream's default configuration filename from /etc/monitrc to /etc/monit.conf. 

Other than the fact that we have always carried the patch, I found no reason to carry it. Even though it is a small patch, in order to stay as close as possible to upstream, I want to drop it (and another one) in Rawhide.

The question is how to do this nicely. I see several options:

a) just drop the patch, breaking existing installations until the admin renames his configuration file, which will be annoying during F16 -> F17 upgrades
b) moving a possibly existing /etc/monit.conf to /etc/monitrc in %post
c) symlinking /etc/monit.conf to /etc/monitrc if it exists in %post
d) moving a possibly existing /etc/monit.conf to /etc/monitrc and symlink it back to /etc/monit.conf 
e) keep carrying the patch

Can someone give me some pointers here? Whichever option I choose, I'd add a README.Fedora to explain the change to the RPM.


Maxim Burgerhout
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