I am working on packaging a program which includes a very small subset of files from these packages.
From qt-examples, there are four files.
From libqxt-devel, there are three files.  
All of the files have been modified for use by the application.

I have done a search to see if these rpms are build requires for other packages:
dnf repoquery --whatrequires qt-examples
dnf repoquery --whatrequires libqxt-devel

In both cases I receive zero hits.

I'm thinking now that qt-examples doesn't really qualify as a "library".  It is described as 
"Programming Examples for Qt" - which to me means the intent is to take what you need and
modify.  The intent was never that this be a "library".

In the case of libqxt-devel:  http://dev.libqxt.org/libqxt/wiki/Home
The website says:   "This package is no longer maintained.  Qxt will likely not work with newer Qt versions due to usage
of internal api.  We recommend that you pick out the parts you want instead of using the entire libqxt."

Which is exactly what the developer did.

Considering the above, I'm thinking no exception is required for the inclusion of these 7 files.  Comments?  I don't 
want to waste peoples time by going through the exception process if it isn't needed.

Thanks very much!