Hi folks,
I'm trying to create an RPM from the chemical drawing tool BkChem but:
1 - The software doesn't have an .desktop file
So I created it myself and it looks right [1]
2 - But when creating an RPM I receive a message that some files are not packaged.
Can someone, please, give some help?

Here is the .spec [2] and the src.rpm that I made without creating an .desktop entry.

[1] - http://lspooky.fedorapeople.org/bkchem.desktop
[2] - http://lspooky.fedorapeople.org/bkchem.spec
[3] - http://lspooky.fedorapeople.org/bkchem-0.12.2-1.fc9.src.rpm

Henrique "LonelySpooky" Junior

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