Dne 22. 10. 18 v 16:44 Jason L Tibbitts III napsal(a):
"JA" == Jun Aruga <jaruga@redhat.com> writes:
JA> That means we have to change our guideline document for
JA> bootstrapping again, right?

The fact that a separate method now exists doesn't invalidate what's
present in the current guidelines.

What's really "fun" is that the new magic bootstrapping %dist tweak uses
the '~' version operator which is also forbidden by the current
guidelines.  I did point out the issue but it was committed anyway.

It depends how strictly you read the guidelines. The guidelines says just "The tilde (~) notation which alters the way RPM does version comparisons MUST NOT be used." and actually the tilde won't be used by packager, it is going to be used just by the macro on background. If you feel users would be confused by meaning of the tilde, then you might want to extend the guidelines (or infrastructure?) to prohibit shipping bootstrap build of packages, which would be good idea anyway (but hard to do, easier to do when the macro is used).

I still think you should lift the ban (this would make things easier) or at least give an exception (this would make things more confusing).