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> >> Hi
> >>   We briefly discussed priorities for Fedora 22 and I had taken an
> >> action item to start an email conversation about this.  So here is
> >> what I would like to see for Fedora 22.
> >>
> >> 1)  Get the -mcpu and -mtune flags set properly for the LE build.
> >> Should be -mcpu=power7 -mtune=power8
> >
> > done, all packages that honour the Fedora system wide compiler flags
> > use them, if they don't it's a packaging bug
> >
> >> 2) Have a cloud image available
> >> 3) For BE I would like another subarch.  Same packages as the current
> >> one but tuned for P8.
> >
> > you mean in addition to ppc64p7? can't we just switch ppc64p7 from
> > -mcpu=power7 -mtune=power7 to -mcpu=power7 -mtune=power8?
> This makes sense to me as it then mirrors what we have in ppc64le and
> it saves having more targets.

The disadvantage of this would be to cut off users that have Power 7 systems
and optimized code.  So why would people want to optimize from Fedora 21 to
Fedora 22.  You would be taking a big step back in performance.  I don't
want to suggest keeping a subarch for each type of POWER system out there.  I
was thinking of keeping two.  So when the next POWER arch that comes out,
the Power 7 subarch goes away and you would have Power 8 and the new Power arch.

> >> 4) Looking into if we can get Docker enabled for POWER.  I will send
> >> out further emails about this as
> >>     soon as I know more about the current development state
> >> 5) Start the ground work for a workstation release.  But I think we
> >> should target the release for Fedora-23.
> >
> > yeah, the deadlines in F-22 won't give us enough time to work on it
> Agreed, ultimately all the packages are built and as a result it's
> possible to install and test all the main components of Workstation
> for those that actually have desktop capable hardware to do any
> development/testing/debug that is required to ensure all the
> underlying workstation components and dependencies are in a good state
> for Fedora 23.
> It's likely there will be work needed on the X stack components like
> mesa etc to ensure all is working.
> >>     I seem to remember hearing that there is a quite a lot of work
> >> involved to get this build going.
> >
> > we should have almost everything built (eg. LibreOffice is known to fail
> > to build), but it's not tested and if broken, it will need to be fixed
> >
> > One thing to not forgot is that also the mainline kernel needs to have
> > the necessary support for the workstation class hw.
> I think the biggest thing will be the graphics stack. While all the
> workstation bits are built I doubt they've had wide and varied testing
> to ensure they're al sufficiently optimised and robust for a good
> Workstation experience.
> Peter
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