I read and enjoyed your Installing Fedora Core on the Mac mini article. I can't see how this article's instructions would differ when attempting to install FC4 on my QuickSilver PowerMac. So I attempted to do so, with some frustrating inconsistencies.
During installation, before I even get to the partition setup portion of the installer, I receive an error saying, "The partition's data region doesn't occupy the entire partition." I try clicking ignore a few times, and then I receive the error, "Attempt to read sectors 16-18 outside of partition on /dev/hda". Clicking ignore just repeats the error. Finally, I click cancel, and the process continues, although before I can start setting up the partition table, I receive an error that says, "The partition table on device hda was unreadable. To create new partitions it must be initialized, causing the loss of ALL DATA on this drive. This operation will override any previous installation choices about which drives to ignore. Would you like to initialize this drive, erasing ALL DATA?"
The partition was in good working order from OSX's point of view. Further, after a complete reformat and reinstall of Mac OSX, where everything is supposedly fresh, I still get these same error messages. So, effectively, I cannot set up the dual-boot. What's going on?
And while I'm providing feedback, I have one more beef. I have installed FC3 for x86 well over a dozen times; I am familiar with the installer. And when it asks questions about erasing all data, it DOES NOT take any action until the installer setup is complete and actual installation is ready to begin. Inconsistent with that previous behavior, this last-mentioned error/warning box wiped out my hard drive's partition table IMMEDIATELY, as soon as I clicked "Yes". I was going through a dry run and planned on aborting the installation before it was done asking all of its questions. Because of this inconsistent behavior, I unintentionally lost A LOT of data on my Mac volumes. Needless to say, I'm livid about this, and if anyone has a recommendation on how to retrieve my data from this volume (I have since then not reinitialized my drive or done anything to it, so the data is theoretically intact on a drive with a wiped-out partition table), I would IMMENSELY appreciate it..
Joshua Curtiss