Hello and Merry Christmas to all here @Fedora PPC!!!

I am Mattia from Italy (just to make the introductions) and i have installed Fedora 12 in a Powerbook G4 and done the update, if this can help!!! It works out of the box (i have installed Kde) and i was able to surf the internet.

I have read about Fedora 16 but not tried yet, i think i will wait till somebody will report a success. So Thanks Federico for your report.

Another report: there is the package Gambas but it doesn't work couse i think little big endian differences. I hope this would be fixed in future it would be great to make basic applications with a Powerbook or a PowerMac.

But let me wish you a merry computing with penguin PPC!!!
Best regards
Mattia Tristo

2011/12/24 Federico Vaga <federico.vaga@gmail.com>
I'm trying to install Fedora 16 on a powerbook G4; on boot the system return
continuously  the following error:

Machine check in kernel mode.
Caused by (from SRR1=149030 ) Transfer error ack signal

so I can't installa Fedora 16.

(No problem with ppc64-DVD on an iMac G5)

Federico Vaga
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