Just remove the line 'BuildArch:      noarch' from your specfile?

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Erik Blankinship <jedierikb@gmail.com> wrote:
In my python application, I need to include a .so binary I built of a custom gstreamer plugin.  My python application works fine with this plugin when launching from the command line.

Now that I am packaging my python application into a fedora rpm, I need to compile the plugin as part of the packaging process?

I ask because when I try to include the .so file in %files and part of the manifest, I get this error from rpmbuild:

"arch dependent binaries in noarch package"

Could someone point me to an example of how to create a spec file which shows how to include "nested" c code so as to avoid this error and successfully build my rpm?

Thanks much.  Erik

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