I was reseraching a little bit and I found that this project is made in python with Django. Is it possible that we can take this project and do an implementation of our own?

The current implementation [1] is:

- Debian
- Postgres
- Django
- Python stack

And the stats (infrastructure requirements) [2] are:

There is a long blog post [3] about why it's shutting down, but the link that I found useful for possibly take this project is the development environment [4].

It's just a question, maybe is too big to take it for the whole world, but it looks like a great project for the Python SIG.


[1] https://blog.libravatar.org/posts/Libravatar.org_is_shutting_down_on_2018-09-01
[2] https://wiki.libravatar.org/shutdown-coordination
[3] https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/looking-back-on-starting-libravatar
[4] https://wiki.libravatar.org/development_environment

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