Hi guys,
I was looking to join Fedora development, and as I'm most familiar with Python, I thought the Python SIG would be my way to go. Following the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Python/JoinSIG guide, it suggests to post a self-introduction to the mailing list, so that's what I'm doing now :)
I'm a student who started coding about 8 years ago with some basic Python book from the local library, got really into it and stopped again later. I then re-learnt a lot about 4 years ago and started building actual projects.
My favourite projects include webservers (using quart or sanic), Discord Bots with discord.py (a great lib!) and parsers (though, I need to work on my knowledge there). I had my adventures into Rust and am pretty solid at JS. A few weeks ago I submitted my first PR into CPython (yay!).
I am looking to help in any way possible to bring Fedora and especially Python in Fedora forward. I'm a noob when it comes to mailing lists and stuff - I hope people have patience with me. I'm @Gelbpunkt in IRC and will try to hang out in the fedora-python channel as often as I can. I would apprechiate getting some starting tips in where to contribute and in which way help would be needed. I've looked at the list of starting points - porting Python 2 to 3 seems where I feel most comfortable - though, starting tips would be apprechiated! If required, I'll be willing to dive into cold water ;)
Many greetings from Germany,
Jens aka adriany