I have some time to look at it this weekend (I'm Fedora contributor "kylev").  Brennan, drop me a line directly if you have hints as to what particular 2.5 feature(s) you're using.  I deal with this sort of crap in MySQLdb frequently, and should be able to help.

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 12:11 PM, Adam Williamson <awilliam@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi, guys. I've been working with a Bugzappers group community member,
Brennan Ashton, who has written a great tool in Python for generating a
range of graphical metrics of Bugzilla information, which would be very
useful to us. The tool is basically written and we have space provided
by Infrastructure to host it on a permanent basis, but unfortunately,
Infrastructure's servers all run RHEL and so have Python 2.4, while the
tool has a small but important section of code which relies on a Python
2.5-only function to work. Brennan's very busy at present and might not
have time to port the code to Python 2.4 for a while, so - as we want to
have it up and running ASAP - I thought I'd ask this list if anyone
would be kind enough to help out in tweaking the code to work on Python

The code is all up in the Bugzappers git repository:


it's the 'triageweb' subdirectory, and some things in 'scripts' as well
I believe. If anyone would be kind enough to help, Brennan (in CC) can
point out the relevant bit of code that needs changing - I don't have
the reference myself, I'm afraid. Thanks, all!
Adam Williamson
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