Something that occurred to me last night, rather than a conditional on Fedora version, is there a macro that we could provide to mean python2 is available in this Fedora version?  That way packagers wanting to support their packages on the versions of python that the platform ships can conditionalize on that imstead of fedora release (which is variable depending on whether someone picked up and drops support for the orphaned python 2 package)


On Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 9:20 AM John Dulaney <> wrote:
> If you are a maintainer of anything at [1] we ask you kindly to consider
> removing the python2 subpackages.
> You can either do it now in Rawhide, or add a conditional for Fedora > 29.
> (On the current schedule, Fedora 30 will be the first release still
> supported after 2020-01-01.)

I notice that [1] does not update, though if you click on a specific
package, that page does update.  For an example:

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