I believe polib provided by the current python-polib rpm supports both python2 and python3[1].  However, the rpm only provides source in the python2.7/site-packages directory and there is no python3-polib rpm. 

I don't know the correct way to handle these types of packages, but should the polib rpm be updated to place symlinks of the polib files from the python2.7/site-packages to python3.2/site-packages?  Or should a python3-polib rpm be created using the same source?

I've tested the symlink workaround by successfully building dupeguru (written in python3 and requiring polib).  I don't have any specific experience with polib to test further.


[1] From the changelog from version 0.7:  "This version adds support for python 3 (thanks to Vinay Sajip). polib now supports out-of-the-box any version of python ranging from 2.4 to latest 3.X version. polib is now 5 years old ;) so the 0.7.X branch will be the last before the 1.X stable branch."