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blockerbugs.spec (Diff revision 3)
Requires:       python-flask-admin
koji needs to be added as a requires to the spec

blockerbugs/controllers/admin/ (Diff revision 3)
    _number_parse_re = re.compile(r'(.*)(\d)(/|)$')
won't this only grab single digits? it's rare but we could have a TC10 or at least I'd rather not prevent double digits

blockerbugs/models/ (Diff revision 3)
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
the build model needs a copyright header

blockerbugs/models/ (Diff revision 3)
    def __repr__(self):
    def __repr__(self):
    def __str__(self):
is there a reason for this change in method name and double to single quotes? 

blockerbugs/util/ (Diff revision 3)
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
missing gpl header

sass/admin_layout.scss (Diff revision 3)
input {
this needs to be compiled and the resultant css added to the patch.

Is there a reason that this couldn't be added to the main css? Are there conflicts in the flask-admin stuff?

testing/ (Diff revision 3)
from datetime import datetime
this is missing the copyright header

testing/ (Diff revision 3)
import datetime
import datetime
missing copyright header

Some minor nits but overall, looks good to me. can you hold off on merging this into develop for just a bit, though? I'd like to do some more testing first

- Tim Flink

On August 22nd, 2013, 7:01 p.m. UTC, Ilgiz Islamgulov wrote:

Review request for blockerbugs.
By Ilgiz Islamgulov.

Updated Aug. 22, 2013, 7:01 p.m.

Repository: blockerbugs


Implement new admin interface with flask-admin
Add build support


I've tested on my develop instance.


  • testing/ (70c600515ccc5e97ed17b4cadd40d76277794b67)
  • testing/ (496f2994dda81bc82f2e270944a3fb2b391d9d91)
  • testing/ (a50f3458b2154f13736ab1f93cb3d1a86a48fcb1)
  • testing/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • testing/ (702d2a5390e42910176d327461ef628e6bf8b849)
  • testing/ (e92dda539117f94f3283f6ce262d65295a5e32c1)
  • (89621b0debb5d368a027a4801de7da62fa961eab)
  • sass/admin_layout.scss (PRE-CREATION)
  • requirements.txt (98eab5da9306a101a41dd13708df1900e9fd1018)
  • blockerbugs/util/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/templates/spin_list.html (c455ff4edec0991a453a94cd0e38d959e1757672)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin_layout.html (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/modify_release.html (a3bb0d95c49414ff977e82f828ffdd111e105cc6)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/main.html (251b1df1647e307e89bcda365422f1cee59b9a35)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/admin_nav.html (34a0c2a966c265ab66166b3170f5f6d507014149)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/add_spin.html (be44830da436e4e87700fe940a7c5197b32d1e82)
  • blockerbugs/templates/admin/add_release.html (931001b23f52dd1b75fe0feb8d0311b76fcc907e)
  • blockerbugs/static/js/admin.js (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (9660d038720bcecae8e4f7401e09e26bd6589189)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (fa8e0e9a887f269cf31e850baa90678ff7055b78)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (cca27cff41875528c1ee13d95194de5f237f31d4)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (31667f6467ed111c3594cdd86d1c933f73b7dfc2)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (0223fff2996290005bd50412c844979304ce38a2)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (7b6954adc39b23c997033916e1adc17639451fdd)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (44924e096803b5c448dbd84dc5fe0405a97ebc50)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/api/ (38144dd48f3190f709a9bafa3a5a425dfdfffbdf)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/api/ (d6df7d34170da05bd817b12545596f34b43b9da6)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/admin/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/admin/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/admin/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/admin/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • blockerbugs/controllers/ (4ce6c9f58b5513c280312c8d1dd92c341d259d0a)
  • blockerbugs/ (03e8b2a92aaaf7328b68c3fa4eb585a189f52186)
  • blockerbugs/ (b9d7a40e4e9b47624795958212025428e7788b0f)
  • blockerbugs.spec (cda6d4e4c56cce5b3ab37665b4f1988fc62f29ce)
  • alembic/versions/ (PRE-CREATION)
  • alembic/versions/ (PRE-CREATION)

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