I'd rather go with the option no. 1, but I don't really care that much either way. So if one option suits you guys better, I'll comply.


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> One of the topics that came up was how often to do these video
> meetings. Having additional weekly meetings via video seems like
> overkill but if there's an appropriate in-depth topic, meeting via
> video to talk instead of type would be useful.
> The two options we came up with are:
> 1. Switch the first qadevel meeting of every month to be via video,
>    making sure that an agenda is sent out early enough for folks to be
>    prepared.
> 2. Pencil in a video meeting once or twice a month on the Wednesday
>    after qadevel meetings. Ask for video topics during the qadevel
>    meeting and on email. If there are enough topics suggested which
>    would benefit from talking instead of typing, meet on the following
>    Wednesday to discuss via video. If there is no need to meet via
>    video, skip it.
> I realize that I'm changing things up a little bit from what we were
> talking about at the end of the meeting but I have a small concern
> about option 1 - one of the issues that we had today is that folks
> weren't prepared because we didn't set an agenda.
> If we switch one qadevel meeting per month  to video, how do we want to
> handle setting the agenda early enough so that participants have enough
> time to prepare?
> Any thoughts or preferences?

My vote would be for the option 2., mostly because the video meeting can
be easily skipped if we don't have any topics to discuss and that
setting an agenda would be done on a set time (Monday meeting). It seems
to me that this could work well.

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