I'd like to see something like:

$ fedpkg test

Unfortunately, internally we are using "$ rhpkg tests" to clone the test suite into the repo ....


Dne 18.4.2017 v 14:35 Tim Flink napsal(a):
One of the things that seems like it is and will be a pain point for
folks writing package-specific tasks is how to work through the times
when there was an issue in the task and things didn't run well. At the
moment, the only solution we have is to re-build the affected package
or to pester an admin to re-run the trigger - neither of which is an
ideal answer.

I was thinking about how to improve this in the near future and am
wondering about adding a "reschedule" button to execdb jobs:

  1. authenticated user clicks on "reschedule" button
  2. execdb makes an api call to the buildmaster to find the parameters
     which were used for that task
  3. using the data from 2), execdb starts a new job for just that
     item and item type

I'm not thrilled at the idea of code duplication here between trigger
and execdb but compared to figuring out a web interface for trigger,
this seems like a more tractable solution for the short/medium term.



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