Great idea, this would make a lot of things easier in trigger for
us. Only concern I have: we will still want to do something with
ISOs - unpack them, copy them on virtual disk images, delete
them (after a while to save space)... How we will manage that?

2015-08-22 9:04 GMT+02:00 Adam Williamson <>:
So I actually got a very dumb implementation of POSTing an ISO URL for
openQA to work:

I think there would be quite a lot more work to do a *non*-dumb
implementation, though. At least this should kinda point up where the
bits go. I'll see if I get some time to work on it this weekend.

(for those who don't know what I'm talking about - it would be nice if
we could make an openQA API request like "download this ISO, then
schedule jobs for it". Right now openQA doesn't implement this, you can
only tell it to schedule jobs for an ISO that's already present on the
server; it expects something outside of openQA to take care of
providing ISOs. We'd like to be able to schedule openQA runs from
systems other than the server and systems that share storage with it or
can directly transmit files to it, though.)
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